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  • Moscow, Krievija
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  • Completion: 2007

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Restaurant Grabli (a rake) in Pjatnitskaya street, 27 has given a new life to the ancient  XIX-th century private residence located in Zamoskvorechie district. As a tribute to the historical past of the house the elegant and cosy interior of the restaurant executed in the form of a huge three-level flower shop in the Moscow modernist style was created. The restaurant allocates a familiar to Grabli's customers a free-flow zone, a coffee-bar, a smoking zone under the roof and a summer terrace during the season. Grabli in Pjatnitskaya street is designed as a many-tier gallery flower passage-atrium of the beginning of the XX-th century, filled in with the sunlight, flowers and trees. The restaurant ceiling is decorated with a huge painted lantern imitating the sunset summer sky.

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27 Pyatnitskaya Str., Moscow Moscow


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