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Meander, Amersfoort

Project Facts:

  • Amersfoort, Nīderlande
  • Publiskās ēkas
  • Completion: 2013

Uponor involvement

  • 113,000 m2| 70,000 m2
The Meander Medical Centre’s two old buildings were 50-60 years old. As the hospitals were highly antiquated, the decision was made to build a new one. The new-build site replaces the old sites and houses the latest technology. This will once again enable the hospital to go on far into the future. Using techniques including concrete core activation a pleasant, comfortable and healthy living environment is being created for both patients and staff. Patient welfare, after all, is not dependent on doctors alone, but also on the environment.

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Meander Medical Centre Maatweg 3 3813 TZ Amersfoort, the Netherlands


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Uponor Contec


Fitters: Burgers Ergon Installatietechniek

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