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Viimsi School and Kindergarden, Tallinn

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  • Tallinn, Igaunija
  • Publiskās ēkas
  • Realizēts: 2009

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  • 6200
Near 6200 sqm school-kindergarden is located on 5,17 hectar real estate. 3 floor building consists of 14 homeclasses,separet music, art and IT classrooms.The school has its own lounge, dining room, library, after-spaces, speech therapists and nurse cabinets. Kindergarden is a group of six spaces, each with its own entrance to the building's south face of the wing through the spacious entrance area. The school which also includes a sports hall. All kindergarden groups have their own dressing room, play room, bedroom, shower and toilets with utility rooms. House planning also takes into account people with reduced mobility, so it is necessary to have a building  with elevator and wheelchair ramp.

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Randvere tee 5 EE74001 Tallinn


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