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Concrete Core Heating and Cooling Systems, Ekom company, Piešťany, Piešťany

Concrete Core Heating and Cooling Systems, Piešťany

The client has chosen to build their new office according to a low-energy building standard. To do this, they applied a favourable building orientation to the North-South and green HVAC technology. The HVAC scheme consist of ground source heat pumps, ceiling cooling Uponor Contec ON on fibre feet (600 m²) suitable for exposing concrete and mechanical hygienic fresh air ventilation.

Īsumā par projektu:

  • Piešťany, Slovākija
  • Biroja ēka
  • Realizēts: 2017

Uponor devums:

  • Uponor Contec on fibre feet (600 m²), Uponor Velum panels (108 pcs.), Uponor Thermal Sockets (20 pcs.)
  • The Office building is built as a reference and representative for a significant investor.
  • The project was designed by architect Delta Projektconsult in Revit using BIM logic, which enabled a clearer communication among stakeholders, optimalisation of investment cost and applied materials.
  • There are installed /used thermally activated building systems, Radiant heating / cooling systems.
  • The client has decided to build their new office according to a low-energy building standards.  
  • It underlines a new trend in Slovakia; customer wanted to achieve more sustainable and comfortable cooling solutions for his building
  • The 3-storey office building is located in city of Pieštany.
  • Estimated project budget: €3,7 million EUR

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  • Investor: Ekom spol. s. r.o.
  • Architect and consultant:  Delta Projektconsult Slovakia, s. r.o.
  • Contractors:  IN VEST s.r.o., KVT s.r.o., Synett s.r.o.
  • Installations company: Klima Servis s.r.o.

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