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Hotel Bellevue , Lošinj

Hotel Bellevue

The calculation for underfloor heating and cooling was made by the technical support of Uponor. In 2014, 970m2 of system Tacker panels 30-3, and PE-Xa pipes d17mm and d20mm were installed. Total surface of underfloor heating is 2.626m2. An agreement was achieved with the investor which led to a fully functional and temperature-friendly ambience in all rooms and the lobby of the hotel.

Īsumā par projektu:

  • Lošinj, Horvātija
  • Viesnīca
  • Realizēts: 2014

Uponor devums:

  • 2.262.m2, PE-Xa d17 i d20 mm, tacker 30-3

Tacker panels and Comfort Pipe PLUS

Underfloor heating and cooling is no longer a luxury. It is more a need for comfort that can easily be achieved with quality materials and the method of installation. Hotel Bellevue is an example of how during renovation special attention should be paid to lowering the costs of energy with the optimum use of energy sources. Vedran Gojceta, Unit manager Adria

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Hotell Bellavue

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From the outside, the Bellevue hotel is minimalistic, boasting sleek designs with white hues. From the inside, the hotel opens to a large and lavishly decorated atrium, exuding a unique airiness and comfort. The soft daylight blends perfectly with the natural tones of the meticulously designed furniture and lighting, making Hotel Bellevue an excellent choice for relaxation and regenerating the energy of life. And if you you’re looking to combine business with pleasure, there are two small and one large conference hall (360 seats) at your disposal for business lunches.